Al-Mohawis for agriculture
AL-Mohawis for agriculture is national establishment are specialized in green houses field
Our projects are always distinguished by their good reputation , pretige and challenge to the climate factors .
AL-Mohawis for agriculture is pleased to introduce to its dear forms every men and invented in the sphere of agriculture in general and particulary the green houses
AL-Mohawis for agriculture are the unique to offer theirs client the chance to choose one of their different models wich distenguish by force and durability .

Green houses equipment
AL-Mohawis for agriculture are agents for world,s leading green houses industrialized



Pericoli exh. Fans

The Fans are the famous and the first in the kingdom where is this quality improved to new models






Heaters from World Wide Leading Companies
From 80.000 To 200.000 K.Cal.







Roving is a special quality of fiber glass from Italy which resistance to ULV and distinguish by high flexibility with intense durability and long production live , its in size (30m * 2.75m*1mm diam.) and 1.4 kg/m2 specific weight . we import deferent sizes of roving rolls and others.



Cooling Pads

Best quality of cooling pads from international famous companies we imported .





Control panel systems
Also we sell control panel systems in different capacitance and models.










Seeds and fertilizers

The best Indoor Seeds and open fields and organic Catalylic fertilizer
Amino acids and humic acids and biogical pesticides.

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