Point of Sale system – Scanners – Data Collectors – Barcode Printers – Cash Machines

The CompuRegister is a uniqe that resembles a cash register but inside hides the power of a PC. The Compuregister combines a computer, monitor,printer, cash drawer, and a keyboard in one simple unit. Instead of the ususal dangling cables and peripheral devices associated with the computer, the CompuRegister is an all in-one unit.





This System is a powerful, comprehensive module designed to help the retailer process sales transactions and monitor product inventory levels in a single or multiple stores.

The Express Point Of Sale System produces instant invoices, processes sales, layaways, customer quotations and special deliveries and analyzes daily transactions in each stores.
The Express Point Of Sale System can be used as a standalone module, or you can interface it with the Express Accounts Receivable and General Ledger Modules, Either way, the Express Point of Sale System will help your company control costs by producing comprehensive transaction, inventory and sales analysis reports.



The Express Point of Sale System can help your company to improve is profitability by controlling inventory levels and processing customer orders more effectively, and also let you to know about your profit at any time.

By knowing what’s in stock, what needs to be reordered, what sells best and what sells worst at any time. About your stock you can handle through by Department and Categories vice. Just by press the appropriate key you know your item location. This system will also help you to maintain about the serial number of each item.

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